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All Texas businesses with at least one employee are required to display certain notices advising employees of their rights in the workplace. These mandatory federal and state labor law posters must appear in conspicuous places accessible to all employees, such as break or lunch rooms. Labor laws change frequently, and it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure posters are up-to-date.

Free Labor Law Posters vs. Professional Ones

Well, they’re free – which is a pretty big deal. If you have a small budget then being able to download and print labor law posters at no cost, is significant. For ultimate convenience, we’ve made each workplace poster available as one PDF file that can be downloaded for free right from our site – so you can avoid the hassle of dealing with government websites altogether. We must be honest, there can be some drawbacks to relying on free printable labor law posters. Unfortunately, government websites are not always reliable. Broken links and outdated information is not uncommon. What’s more, if you decide to print labor law posters from these free government sources, you’ll also need to be diligent in regularly checking for updates and new requirements as labor laws change are inevitable.

Texas Payday Law Poster - English/Spanish
Texas employers not liable under the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act, but subject to the Texas Payday Law, must display the Texas Payday Law poster. Print it from the links above or request it from the TWC Labor Law unit at 800-832-9243 or 512-475-2670.
Unemployment & Payday Law Poster - English/Spanish
Businesses whose employees are entitled to file for state unemployment benefits and are also covered by the Texas Payday Law should request the poster that combines both laws: Texas Unemployment Compensation Act and Texas Payday Law.
Workers' Compensation Posters English/Spanish
All employers are required to inform their employees whether or not they carry workers' compensation insurance coverage.
Employer's Notice of Ombudsman Program
All employers participating in the workers' compensation system must post notice of the Office of Injured Employee Counsel (OIEC) Ombudsman Program. This notice must be posted in the human resources office, if the employer has one, as well as in the workplace where each employee is likely to see the notice on a regular basis.
Notice Regarding Certain Work-Related Communicable Diseases and Eligibility for Workers' Compensation Benefits
Employers of emergency medical service employees, paramedics, fire fighters, law enforcement officers, or correctional officers and state agencies must post a notice informing employees about requirements regarding work-related exposures to reportable communicable diseases and eligibility for workers' compensation benefits.
Required Workers' Compensation Coverage
Governmental entities have posting requirements for building or construction projects.
Additional Posters for Public Employers
You Have the Right to Not Remain Silent
Worker Right to Know Notice English/Spanish
Job Service Complaint System

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What Labor Law Posters are required for my business in Texas?

Texas Workplace Posters posters required to be displayed can vary from one employer to another. Posters can be printed free of charge directly from links on this page.
All employers in Texas must display posters containing information on the Workers’ Compensation, Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Employee Polygraph Protection Act .

Employers subject to the Texas Payday Law must display a poster containing employee information on it. Employers liable under the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act must display a poster that includes information about both Texas Payday Law and Unemployment compensation. Also, every employer with 15 or more employees, and smaller employers with federal grants and contracts, must post the notice entitled “Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law,” which contains information about the Equal Employment Opportunity.

Downloaded posters meet an employer’s legal obligation.

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