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All Delaware businesses with at least one employee are required to display certain notices advising employees of their rights in the workplace.

Failure to display Delaware labor law posters can result in penalties and consequences.

The specific penalties may vary depending on the circumstances and the enforcement practices of the Delaware Department of Labor. In addition, employees who are discriminated against or harassed in violation of these laws may be able to sue their employer and recover damages.

Labor laws change frequently, and it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure posters are up-to-date.

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What Labor Law Posters are required for my business in Delaware?

Delaware Department of Labor requires the following Labor and Employment documents be posted in the workplace. This information is provided as a public service. Many other state and federal agencies may also require display of specific documents in the workplace.

State Postings
Minimum WageNotice posting the current Minimum Wage Rate and summarizing certain rules/regulations regarding Minimum Wage Law.Delaware's minimum hourly wage will increase incrementally on January 1 of the next three years, to $11.75 in 2023, $13.25 in 2024, and $15.00 in 2025.
Workers' CompensationSummary of employer/employee obligations when an injury occurs in the workplace. 
DiscriminationSummary of what qualifies as illegal discrimination against employees, with elaborations on Sexual Harassment and Disability.Updated January 2017
Delaware has added that employees may not be discriminated against because of "family responsibilities" to the Discrimination posting.
Payment of WagesSummary of rules/regulations employers’ obligations regarding proper Payment of Wages. 
Employee BreaksNotice summarizing Meal Break regulations and exemptions. 
Child Labor Law (Only Required when Minors Employed)Summary of provisions under Delaware’s Child Labor Laws. Only required when minors are employed. 
All Posters 
Federal Postings
USERRA-Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2004Summary of the USERRA-protected job rights of individuals who leave employment in order to undertake military service (or certain types of service in the National Disaster Medical System). Includes sections on Reemployment Rights, Right To Be Free From Discrimination And Retaliation, Health Insurance Protection, and Enforcement. 
Equal Employment Opportunity is the LawDetails on the Federal laws that protect applicants and employees from various bases of discrimination. Excerpts from Executive Order 11246, as amended; Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; 38 U.S.C. 4212 of the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as amended; 41 CFR Chapter 60-l .42; 41 C.F.R 60-250.4(k); 4 1 C.F.R. 60-74 1.5(a)4Updated November, 2009
The federal government has updated the EEOC posting with the new Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) language, and the updated posting has now been incorporated into our posters. Order now and let us help you remain in compliance.
Federal Minimum WageSummary of Employee Rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act, covering the Federal Minimum Wage, Overtime Pay, Child Labor, Tip Credit, Enforcement, and Additional Information. Excerpts from 29 CFR 5 16.4 (Applicable to employers with employees in American Samoa), 29 CFR 697.2Updated July, 2016
The federal minimum wage posting has a new section outlining the rights of nursing mothers in the workplace.
Employee Polygraph NoticeSummary of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, detailing general Prohibitions, Exemptions, Examinee Rights, and Enforcement.Updated July, 2016
The federal government has released a new required update to the Polygraph Protection Act.
Federal OSHA "It's the Law"List of employees’ rights and employers’ obligations regarding Job Safety and Health, as enforced by OSHA. 

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Where can I download free Delaware Labor Law Posters?

There are limited sources where you can download required labor law posters free of charge. Two of them are federal and state agencies. However most of the state government websites are not user friendly, confusing and provide outdated links to downloadable PDF files. All mandatory, industry related and recommended posters can be conveniently downloaded on this page. All Electronic labor law posters below meet an employer’s legal obligation.

When it comes to labor law posters, you may come across both free and paid options. Here are some points to consider regarding free and paid labor law posters:

Free Labor Law Posters:

  1. Accessibility: Free labor law posters are often available for download directly from government websites or labor agencies. They are typically accessible to all employers and can be easily obtained online.
  2. Compliance: Free labor law posters are designed to meet the minimum legal requirements set by government authorities. They generally include the necessary information to inform employees about their rights and responsibilities.
  3. Updates: It’s important to note that free labor law posters may not always be updated in a timely manner. Employers need to stay vigilant and ensure they have the most recent versions of the posters to remain compliant with the latest labor laws.

Paid Labor Law Posters:

  1. Convenience: Paid labor law posters are often provided by specialized companies that focus on compliance materials. They offer the convenience of obtaining all the required posters in one package, saving employers time and effort in sourcing and assembling the necessary materials.
  2. Accuracy and Updates: Paid posters are typically regularly updated to reflect any changes in labor laws. Companies providing paid posters usually monitor legislative updates and provide updated posters to their customers as needed. This helps ensure employers stay compliant with the latest legal requirements.
  3. Additional Resources: Some paid labor law poster providers may offer supplementary resources, such as compliance guides or customer support, to help employers navigate the complexities of labor laws and ensure ongoing compliance.

Ultimately, the choice between free and paid labor law posters depends on your specific needs, resources, and preferences. While free posters can help meet the basic compliance requirements, paid options may offer added convenience, accuracy, and ongoing support. It’s important to assess your obligations and budgetary considerations to make an informed decision that best suits your business.