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All New York businesses with at least one employee are required to display certain notices advising employees of their rights in the workplace. These mandatory federal and state labor law posters must appear in conspicuous places accessible to all employees. Labor laws change frequently, and it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure posters are up-to-date.

Potential Penalties for Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with New York State labor law poster requirements can result in several potential penalties and consequences. 

  1. Fines and Penalties: The New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) has the authority to impose fines and penalties on employers who fail to display the required labor law posters. The specific amount of fines can vary depending on the nature and severity of the violation. The NYSDOL determines the penalties based on factors such as the number of employees affected and the employer’s history of non-compliance.
  2. Citations and Violation Notices: The NYSDOL may issue citations or violation notices to employers who are found to be in violation of labor law poster requirements. These notices may outline the specific violations and provide instructions on how to rectify the situation. Employers are generally given a specified period to correct the violation and display the required posters.
  3. Legal Consequences: Failure to comply with labor law poster requirements can also lead to legal consequences. Employees or their representatives may file complaints or lawsuits against employers for non-compliance. This can result in legal proceedings, potential settlements.
  4. Increased Scrutiny: Employers who consistently fail to comply with labor law poster requirements may attract increased scrutiny from regulatory authorities, such as the NYSDOL. This can result in more frequent inspections, audits, or investigations into other aspects of the employer’s labor practices.

Mandatory New York Labor Laws to Display

TopicStatute Poster
Construction Industry Fair Play ActNew York State Labor LawConstruction industry employers must post a notice about the Fair Play Act on the job site. Workers must be able to see and access the posting.
Criminal Convictions RecordsNew York State Labor LawUse of correctional records for employment. As of February 1, 2009, employers must post a copy of Article 23-A of the correction law relating to the employment of people with a criminal conviction. Workers must be able to see and access the posting.
DiscriminationNew York State Human Rights Law (Executive Law, Article 15)Discrimination based on Race, Creed, Age, Color, Disability, National Origin, Sex or Marital Status is Prohibited... (in English and Spanish)
Minimum WageNew York State Labor LawAttention Employees Minimum Wage Information
Every employer engaged in the sale or service of food or beverages must post BOTH of the following:
LS 605 - Deductions from Wages (Section 193 of the NYS Labor Law).
LS 204 Tip Appropriation (Section 196-d of the NYS Labor Law).
Safety & Health*New York State Labor LawJob Safety & Health Protection
Same as federal requirement.
Public employers must post You have a right to know!
Public Work / Prevailing Wage Rates

New York State Labor Law Article 8

The current Prevailing Rate Schedule must be:
Posted on the site of the public work project where workers can see and access it
Encased in, or made of, weatherproof materials
Titled "PREVAILING RATE OF WAGES" in letters at least  2" x 2"
Public Work ProjectNew York State Labor Law Article 8 NYS Labor Law requires contractors and subcontractors to post a notice that includes:
The telephone number and address for the Department of Labor
A statement informing laborers, workers or mechanics of their right to contact the Department of Labor if he/she is not receiving the proper prevailing rate of wages and/or supplements for his/her particular job classification.

They must post this notice at the start of every public work contract on each job site. 
Unemployment InsuranceNew York State Unemployment Insurance LawNotice to Employees (IA 133)
Workers' Compensation and Disability BenefitsNew York State Workers' Compensation LawNotice of Compliance (White) for Workers' Compensation
Notice of Compliance (Blue) For Disability Benefits
nys-equal-payNew York State Labor Law

Section 194
No employer shall pay an employee at a rate less than the rate at which an employee of the opposite sex is paid for equal work performed in the same establishment.

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Where can I download New York Labor Law Posters?

There are limited sources where you can download required labor law posters free of charge. Two of them are federal and state agencies. However most of the state websites are not user friendly and confusing. All mandatory, industry related and recommended posters can be conveniently downloaded on this page.