Workplace Posters » North Carolina » North Carolina Wage and Hour and OSH Notices

North Carolina employers are required to display certain notices related to wage and hour laws and occupational safety and health (OSH) regulations in their workplaces. These notices are intended to inform employees of their rights and protections under the law.

The North Carolina Wage and Hour Notice must be displayed in a conspicuous location where employees can easily see it. This notice outlines the state’s minimum wage requirements, overtime pay rules, and other wage and hour regulations.

The North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Notice, also known as the “Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law” poster, must also be displayed in a conspicuous location. This notice informs employees of their right to a safe and healthy workplace, and provides information about reporting workplace hazards and filing complaints with the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Division.

Employers can obtain copies of these notices from the North Carolina Department of Labor, or they can download and print them from the department’s website. It is important for employers to ensure that these notices are up-to-date and prominently displayed in their workplaces to avoid potential penalties or fines.