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The Vermont Crime Victim law is a set of laws that protect the rights of crime victims in the state. The law was passed in 1996 and has been amended several times since then.

The law gives crime victims the right to:

  • Be present at all court hearings, including arraignment, trial, and sentencing.
  • Be informed of the progress of the case against the offender.
  • Be consulted about the plea agreement, if any.
  • Make a statement at sentencing.
  • Receive restitution from the offender.
  • Be protected from intimidation and harassment by the offender.
  • Receive counseling and other services to help them cope with the emotional and financial impact of the crime.

The law also creates the position of Victim Advocate, who is responsible for helping crime victims understand their rights and get the services they need.

The Vermont Crime Victim law is a comprehensive and important piece of legislation that helps to protect the rights of crime victims in the state.

Here are some additional details about the law:

  • The law applies to all crimes that are felonies or misdemeanors, regardless of whether the victim is a resident of Vermont.
  • Victims of domestic violence are also protected by the law, even if the crime does not meet the definition of a felony or misdemeanor.
  • The law does not apply to victims of minor traffic offenses.
  • Victims of crime can get help from the Victim Advocate’s office by calling 1-800-642-HELP (4357).

The Vermont Crime Victim law is a valuable resource for crime victims. If you have been a victim of crime, please contact the Victim Advocate’s office to learn more about your rights and the services that are available to you.