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VIRGINIA Notice to workers

The Virginia Unemployment Insurance Notice to Workers is a mandatory notice that employers in Virginia are required to provide to their employees. This notice provides important information about the state’s unemployment insurance program, which provides temporary financial assistance to workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

The notice informs employees of their eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits, including how to file a claim, how to calculate their benefit amount, and how long they can receive benefits. It also explains the responsibilities of both the employee and the employer in the unemployment insurance process, such as the requirement to report any earnings or job offers while receiving benefits.

The Virginia Unemployment Insurance Notice to Workers must be provided to all new employees at the time of hire, and it must also be displayed in a prominent location in the workplace where all employees can easily see it. Employers can obtain a copy of the notice from the Virginia Employment Commission or from private companies that specialize in producing labor law posters. Failure to provide this notice to employees can result in fines and penalties for the employer.