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All Illinois businesses with at least one employee are required to display Posters & Disclosures advising employees of their rights in the workplace. These mandatory federal and state labor law posters must appear in conspicuous places accessible to all employees, such as break or lunch rooms. Labor laws change frequently, and it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure posters are up-to-date.

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Where can I download free Illinois Labor Law Posters?

There are limited sources where you can download required labor law posters free of charge. Two of them are federal and state agencies. However most of the state government websites are not user friendly, confusing and provide outdated links to downloadable PDF files. All mandatory, industry related and recommended posters can be conveniently downloaded on this page. Electronic labor law posters meet an employer’s legal obligation.

What Labor Law Posters are required for my business in Illinois?

In Illinois, all employers must meet workplace posting obligations. The Illinois Department of Labor requires employers to display the following labor law posters:

Who is mandated to post
Rights Under IllinoisEmployment Laws PosterMinimum Wage, domestic abuse, meal and rest periods, Equal Pay for Equal Work, Child Labor
All Illinois Employers
Notice to Workers UINotice of Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act
All Illinois Employers
Pregnancy Fairness Law PosterRights of pregnant or recovering from childbirth workplace rights
All Illinois Employers
Workers? Compensation PosterInstructions for injuries sustained in the workplace
All Illinois Employers
Day and Temporary Labor Service Act PosterRules for temp agencies and protections for workersAll Day and Temporary Labor Service Agencies
Occupational Safety and Health ActProvides health standards and enforcement
Public sector employees
Notice to Independent Construction ContractorsEmployee Classification ActContractors that employ workers who aren?t considered employees
Emergency Care for ChokingInstructions for performing care for conscious and unconscious victims
All Illinois Employers
No Smoking Poster Smoke Free Illinois
All Illinois Employers

Your Rights Under Illinois Employment Laws
Required For: All Illinois Employers

This poster includes the information needed for Wage Payment and Collection Act, Child Labor Law, Minimum Wage Law, Equal Pay Act, Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act and the One Day Rest in Seven Act.

Employee Classification Act of 2​008
Required For: All Construction Contractors Utilizing Independent Contractors​

The Employee Classification Act provides that individuals performing services for construction contractors on or after January 1, 2008 are presumed to be employees of the contractor unless they meet certain criteria. This notice, in English, Spanish, and Polish, must be posted in a conspicuous place on each job site where those individuals perform services and in each of the contractor’s offices.

Occupational Safety & Health Act
Required For: All Public Sector Employers​

This law provides workplace safety and health protections for public employees through enforcement of occupational safety and health standards and education about safe working conditions and occupational hazards.

Day and Temporary Labor Services Act
Required For: All Day and Temporary Labor Service Agencies​​

The Day and Temporary Labor Services Act provides for the regulation of day and temporary labor agencies, establishes worker rights and protections, specifies the duties and responsibilities of day and temporary labor agencies and third party clients, sets forth penalties and enforcement procedures for violations of the law and requires third party clients that contract with day or temporary labor agencies to verify that they are registered with the Department of Labor or face monetary penalties. Agencies must post this notice, in English or any other language generally understood in the locale of the agency, in the public access area of each work location or branch office.

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