Ohio Statewide Domestic Violence Posters

Despite all the talk of declining manufacturing in the United States, Ohio is still a powerhouse of manufacturing and other industry. Its proximity to Michigan’s robust auto industry and its history of industrial prowess make it an essential cog in our nation’s economy. The state itself may be best known for being a swing state in national politics. Ohioans are practical and largely reside in the center. This ethos is reflected in their labor and employment laws which, while certainly not the most restrictive in the nation, are not as permissive as the states where some of the only required labor posters are federal.

Executive Order 2008-08S created the Barbara Warner Workplace Violence Policy and Barbara Warner Committee on the Worklplace Domestic Violence. This executive order comes with a required employee notice, the Workplace Domestic Violence poster, and is overseen by the DAS/HRD Office of Policy Development. You can review the various policies over here and also peruse the resources there including training supplements for Managers and training supplements for Employees in addition to finding the poster available for download.

There are three Statewide Domestic Violence posters the only difference between them being the pictures depicted on each. All of them however have the headline “Family Violence Doesn’t Stay Home When its Victims Go to Work.” It implores the reader, whether that’s an employee or any member of your business or organization that “If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence, we can help.”

There is then a list of government and non-governmental organizations that specialize in various forms of domestic violence and helping victims along with their phone numbers. Domestic violence, as in other places, is a Public Health issue in Ohio and its impact on the workplace has become increasingly prevalent. These employee notices and workplace and company policies can go a long way towrd remedying this situation.