Iowa Workplace Posters

As the presidential hopefuls begin making appearances in Iowa to court possible caucus voters, we are likely to see more and more Iowa places of businesses on our TVs. If you live in Iowa there’s a halfway decent chance that these very politicians will pay a visit to your town or even your workplace. If you’re a business owner of any of these workplaces you’re going to want to make doubly sure that your business is in compliance including all of your posting requirements. Iowa does have a few posters that are required by the state in addition to the standard slew of federal notices. Let’s take a looksie, shall we?

Required of all employers, and required to be at least 8.5”x14” is the Safety and Health Protection on the Job poster. Issued by Iowa Workforce Development this poster is nice compared to a lot of what we see around here, there are pictures of scientists, line workers, healthcare professionals, and warehouse workers. But there’s good info, too.

  • Employees have the right to copies of their medical records and records of their exposure to hazardous substances or conditions.
  • Employees can file complaints with Iowa OSHA within 30 days if their employer retaliates against them for exercising their rights.
  • Employees have the right to notify their employer or Iowa OSHA about workplace hazards. They may ask Iowa OSHA to keep their name confidential.

All Iowa Employers subject to the minimum wage law are required to post the “Your Rights Under the Iowa Minimum Wage Law.” The law requires displaying this poster where it can be easily seen by all employees. The minimum wage law applies to most hourly wage earners employed in Iowa. Most small retail and service establishments grossing less than $300,000 annually are not required to pay the minimum wage. Also, the majority of supervisory and administrative roles that are paid a salary are not covered by the law.

Keep checking back because there are four more state specific labor posters in Iowa that we haven’t even touched on here.