Virginia Is for Labors… I Mean, Lovers. Part I

The Commonwealth of Virginia is the home to so much storied history of governance, that it’s almost indistinguishable from the early United States. Straddling the dividing line between North and South and bordering Washington, DC it’s no wonder that Virginia is an economic powerhouse. Recently, it was in the news as Amazon has decided to locate its new headquarters in the northern part of the state. Surely this will spur new businesses and workplaces…all of which need to be compliant in their employment and labor practices. Virginia has six posters that employers are required to hang in their workplaces. Today, let’s deal with half of Virginia’s required labor posters:

The Virginia Employment Commission, in addition to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, is the agency that handles employment related matters in the Commonwealth including dictating which posters must be displayed in workplaces. Here are three:

  • Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act (UC)
    The “Notice to Workers” (VEC-B-29) must be posted by every employer subject to
    Virginia unemployment compensation laws. You can find out if that includes you on the commissions website. But either way, it advises an employee when they are
    eligible for unemployment insurance benefits and how to apply for those benefits.
    The poster is available in English and Spanish.


  • Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Act (VOSH)
    The “Job Safety and Health Protection” poster advises an employee of their
    rights and responsibilities under the OSHA law. All private and public employers
    must post this notice. This is a pretty serious one and you can be subjected to a citation and possible fines if this poster is not displayed or is out of date.
    is not displayed. This poster is required to be in an 11” x 17” format.


  • Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS)
    Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) IRS publication 4194 advises low-to-middle
    income working individuals and families about the federal earned income tax credit
    and state low income credit.


Keep an eye out for part 2 of this series where we’ll discuss the remaining three required labor posters in Virginia.